Bluebonnet Pictures

If you grew up in Texas, then you know that bluebonnet pictures are a sure sign that spring is here and triple digit temperatures are just around the corner. I have some fond memories that involve sitting in patches of wildflowers, most likely right off the side of a highway, and trying not to squint at the camera as the setting sun would shine directly in my eyes. It’s a tradition, every kid has to do it at some point.

One thing that my mom and I like to do when we have some extra free time is foster animals. Typically we will choose animals that have lived in the shelter for the majority, if not their entire lives, and give them a temporary home to help get them used to living in a house with people. We also love to foster older cats and dogs that have been in the shelter for a long time just to give them a little bit of a break, especially during times when the local shelters are bursting at the seams. I can only imagine how stressful living in an animal shelter would be, and I love being able to provide a peaceful nights sleep for a dog that has been hearing nonstop barking for eight months straight.

Recently, my mom and I have been fostering a six-month-old brindle boxer (and Mastiff?, Great Dane?, Pitbull?) mix. We haven’t had a puppy in a long time, and even though this dog is one of the lazier ones, I am remembering once again just how much work they are.

The picture that the foster program sent us before we got her was not great. This cute little puppy is behind bars like a prisoner, it’s blurry, and she’s not looking at the camera. We were already committed to fostering her before we saw the picture, but putting a photo like that on an adoption website is not going to make anyone jump in their car and drive straight to the shelter. So, since we have been taking care of her for the entire month of April (and probably May as well) I really wanted to get some nice pictures of her in sitting in bluebonnets. It’s not the easiest task in the world, getting a puppy to sit still in an exciting field of wildflowers, but it is so much fun.










It’s just a blast, dogs don’t care what they look like, they’re just there to have a good time.

One way that she is different from the animals that we usually foster is that she is not from a local no-kill shelter. Ecko was rescued from a high-kill shelter in West Texas, a day or two before she was scheduled to be euthanized. So these pictures are not just to advertise that she is available for adoption, they are also to celebrate her new lease on life!

I also wanted to include some of the pictures that I took during this photo session that did not turn out as great as the pictures above, because they capture what working with a puppy is really like and they are also hilarious.







Mom is telling Ecko how to pose for the camera, Ecko is not interested.

I hope we can find a great home for her soon. Until then, I am going to continue taking too many pictures of her.


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